Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where are my jeans?

 We are nearing the end of our time of being "homeless".  As much as I love never being able to find my jeans when I need them (why can't I find them in the giant pile of clothes that covers...my entire room?), living out of suitcases for over a month has been challenging.  Being cooked for and eating only food your parents have paid for is reminiscent of college days, only I can't sleep till noon and spend all day getting some sun by the pool anymore.  It has been really nice to be home, we had a jam packed week with Mike's parents.  In n' Out, Disneyland and afternoons at the beach are some of the necessities while down there.  Catching up with old friends ("I can't believe it was FIVE years since I saw you last!") before leaving the country makes it feel like we are going to live with the monks in the Tibetan mountains, never to return.  I keep getting surprised reactions when I tell people we are planning to come home some time around Christmas.  It is a long flight, and maybe I don't realize how terrible it will be with two babies but we are going to try.  I have been up with my parents for the last few weeks.  Their house is far from being baby proofed, the girls are now quite familiar with the word "NO".  As soon as the "N" crosses my lips, they stop what they're doing and shake their head back and forth.  Of course, they then continue whatever it is they shouldn't be doing and it ultimately results in me standing in front of the forbidden object until they lose all interest.  The weather has been beautiful and many afternoons have been spend either in the pool or crawling around in the grass in the front yard.  Its nice being able to take them outside without worrying too much about allergy attacks.  In Texas, an afternoon in the backyard meant a 103 degree fever the next morning.  Hoping (when its not covered with snow) Germany will be the same.

Anyways, its been really nice to be home all this time but I think I'm finally starting to feel ready for whats next!  

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