Thursday, December 13, 2012

What an emotional roller coster flying space-A is!  We have been trying most of the week to catch a flight out of here, but just as I've heard many people talk about, its not going very well.  I'm too drained to go into all of it, but this morning we thought we had a good chance of getting on a flight to BWI.  We had been calling and checking the flight status since they posted it, and there were 160 seats.  When the plane landed, they actually only had 19 available seats and we were just under the cut off line.  Literally, if any seats opened up, we were next.  So after 3 hrs of sitting in the terminal we packed up the car again and headed home.  I'm trying not to be angry about it, but the thought of not seeing our families for another year (next Christmas) is a little tough to swallow.  The next flight is when the real space-A Christmas rush starts, so I guess we'll see how that one goes.