Sunday, April 15, 2012

Packing up

I figured I would get this blog started with documenting the moving process just in case anyone has forgotten what a pain it is to move!  Obviously it is pretty difficult to move overseas, even if the military is footing the overall bill.  We have been running around like crazy people trying to get medical clearances for the 4 of us plus no-fee passports which allows us to bypass the visa process.  Then there is the dog who needed a new microchip and rabies shot.  Once that is done the vet needs to document that she is healthy enough to move overseas which they wont do until just a few days before we leave which throws a wrench in the plans to have someone here keep for a few weeks while we set up in Germany.  The entire process has been like this, forgotten signatures, appointments being pushed back, etc, etc.  But finally, we are all medically cleared and the orders are on their way so things should finally start rolling!

I have been spending the last week, with the babies in their playpen (an empty box, a few kitchen utensils and an endless supply strawberry flavored puffs keep them occupied for about an hour), going through boxes in the garage.  Trying to decided what is coming to Germany, what is going into a storage unit and what is going to Steve and Kathie's for the next 3 years.  Its been nice looking through things that have been boxed up for the last 8 months, its exciting thinking about unpacking our things in a house that feels more permanent for us.  It is mind boggling thinking about everything that still needs to be figured out (should we cancel credit cards?  Can we take our refrigerator?  When are we going to sell my car?  Can I find a pediatrician in California for the month we spend there?  How do we get drivers licenses when we get to Germany?  Will our temporary housing allow dogs? Oy).  I am praying that the Lord makes this move as painless as possible.  Im also praying that the Lord gives Mike and I extra love for each other and extra patience with each other so we can make this move a pleasant-ish experience for our little family.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated also!

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