Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"This pillow is the size of a Rhinoceros"

We finally made it to Germany.  The flight wasn't the worst thing in the world but it would have been nice if S & P would have slept...more than 45 min at a time.  I don't think M and I got more than an hour of sleep all night and now we're fighting staying awake.  Everyone is telling us to stay up all day, go to bed at 8 tonight and it will make the transition smoother- easier said than done.  We put the girls down as soon as we got to the hotel (5 hours ago) and they are still sleeping, which is nice, I can sit here in my painful exhaustion and not be chasing them around the room.

 We haven't seen much but the short drive from the base to the hotel was beautiful.  We were told we flew in on one of the unusually sunny days, its sunny here about 70 days out of the year.  That's going to be a little difficult for this sun worshiping, California girl.  I can't believe its not more humid here for how much it rains and how green it is.  The hotel has these giant, sound proof windows that don't have screens on them because there aren't many bugs here,  I type this as a fly is sitting on my banana...Everywhere we've lived I have battled with the inscet population, it would be nice to have a break from that.

The German beds have these awesome mini individual comforters.  At first I thought it was odd, but the more I thought about not dealing with blanket snatching, the more I think its an ingenious idea.  There are also these HUGE pillows on the bed.  I'd take a picture for you but I'm too lazy.  M got into bed for our mini nap and said "This pillow is the size of a Rhinoceros..." which was pretty darn funny at the time.  So here I sit, on our small German furniture, looking at the gorgeous trees out the window, feeling the cool breeze, being thankful that its not raining today, feeling too tired to be clever or witty but wanting to give you guys a little update about being here.


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  1. I love your humor, even in the midst of great change... Love you guys!