Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving a day late

I am blown away how amazing this thanksgiving was, the Lord really blessed us (me especially) this year.  The day before Thanksgiving M called home and said that he would have to work Thanksgiving day.  It didn't surprise me but it was irritating since I had just spent a bundle at the store getting everything we needed for dinner.  But thats life.  Anyways, I was so thankful to have people who invited the girls and I over for dinner so we didn't have to spend the holiday alone.  We had a great time, absolutely delicious food and the girls had so much fun playing with a new little playmate.  Then we got to skype with Nana, Papa (my parents) and my sister's family.

So today M and I did our big dinner.  It was actually really nice, there was no pressure- I woke up with the girls and started cooking while they played in the kitchen.  Whatever got done, got done, whatever didn't, didn't, no worries.  But everything did get done, we even had time for a little walk around the neighborhood.

The girls are still on the fence about Thanksgiving food.  The only thing they would eat was turkey, hawaiian rolls and bananas covered in whipped cream.  Anytime we would hold something out to S, she would start squirming and spitting like we were trying to poison the poor child.  Oh well, at least I give them vitamins I guess.



Then we had a little play time after dinner and skyped with Grandpa and Grandma (M's parents).

And I had some leftover time to make some pies, pumpkin and my Great Grandmother's chocolate pie. My absolute favorite :)


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