Saturday, March 2, 2013

The longest photo post ever!

We have been pretty busy the last few months.  We made it home for Christmas and I stayed out for a few extra weeks when M had to get back to work.  We were so blessed to have spent a month with grandparents, siblings and cousins!  Enjoy some highlights of our recent comings and goings!

 Super excited about the baby doll Aunty Liz got her for Christmas.

Enjoying a nice long foot rub from Papa. 

Afternoon at the park.  

The containment of sheer joy is not possible while swinging.  

Church with Nana and Papa. 

Then we flew to Baltimore with Grandma to wait for a space-a flight home. 

Chillin' with some snacks.  In our own seats.  No big deal.  

We took really awesome naps at the hotel. 

We love naps. 

Grandma took us to a museum in downtown Baltimore. 

Too many things to touch.  

We ran around like maniacs.  

And we slept REALLY well that night. 

Bug loving some special Daddy time (dang, my husband is a hottie). 

My grandfather passed away 3 weeks after we got back to Germany.  The girls and I went home for the funeral, unfortunately my hard working husband couldn't be with us (you were missed baby).  It hurts losing someone you love but its so amazing knowing he is with Christ now.  It was a time if mourning, great celebration and family reunion.

A ridiculous number of babies and toddlers. 

Kickin' it with cousin North at Nana and Papa's. 

California sun, its so bright, good thing Bell has her shades on. 

Eating lunch on our Yosemite day trip.

Bug learning some valuable facts about Yosemite Village. 

Bell- future hiker 

"No time for pictures mommy, I have things to do."

True naturals at this outdoorsy stuff. 

Bug and Bell

Bug eating mud.....

Bell throwing sand....

Of course they smile for a pic with Nana. 

Bell and Papa. 


  1. Oh thanks for sharing, life with twins is a daily adventure it seems :) (oh, and you're right, your husband is a hottie!) Thanks for all your support for Randy in the video contest, sweetheart!
    Love you guys

  2. Oh goodness, once they started walking, they stopped being babies. Be still my heart!!