Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday-funday...or maybe just a relax day.

The last few weekends have been fairly uneventful.  M is tired from the work week and I'm tried from taking care of babies.  So when people ask us if we've done anything fun that weekend it is usually met with something along the lines of "we're just really tired; we're still getting settled; we just needed a weekend at home".  And there ain't no shame in that.  The in-laws are coming for a visit soon, I think we will get our fill of traveling and I CAN'T WAIT!!!  Its gonna be awesome.  Today was a good day.  M is fanatically super excited about UCLAs football season and since the games are usually West coast time, the only time he could watch it was 1:30 am yesterday.  Thats right, he stayed awake until 5:30 am watching football.  Crazy guy.  I knew today was going to be pretty funky getting up for church with a husband who had been awake for 20ish hours straight.  But like I said, today was a good day and it was all kicked off with two sweet little girls who slept in till 9:30.  It was like a miraculous gift from the heavens.  I was, of course, awake at the usual 7 am, but just stayed in bed reveling in the fact that I got to drift in and out of sleep for 150 extra minutes.  Now I know I am lucky to have babies that are not extreme early risers but getting out of bed before 11 has always seemed like cruel and unusual punishment to me; therefore waking up with babies at 7 or 8 is hard for me even though that is a completely acceptable hour to be awake.  I got myself and the girls all ready for church, once we were there, I cozied up to my hubby ready to listen to a great sermon.

Now I didn't necessarily want this blog to be all mushy gushy feelings all the time, my intent was to allow family and friends we don't get to talk to all the time, be able to keep up with our lives here.  Its a way for us to stay connected.  I realize that was silly of me because, now that we are here, I know what an emotional experience it is to move a family overseas.  This is such a coveted assignment, but I still struggle to be happy with it.  I do everything I can to stay positive, I force myself to soak up the unabashed beauty of this country and say things like "think of all the things we'll be able to see".  But when you want a day at the beach or just want a hug from you mom, its hard to convince yourself your lucky being 2,000 miles away from everything you know and love.  People think we're crazy for having a hard time here, but I think what they don't realize is that, we are not on a 3 year sightseeing vacation.  This is life, M has to work from 6 am to 5 pm, I'm home with screaming children cleaning up the kitchen floor for the 5th time that day wondering when I'm going to make close enough friends to have more shoulders to cry on (or laugh with), traveling is hard, its expensive, its not easy hauling 2 of everything around for a weekend trip.  Its hard not speaking the language.  The BX really only sells American things so when your weird German light bulbs go out, which store do you go to and how can you find some one who speaks English well enough to tell you what to do?  These are just a few examples of it being difficult living life overseas.  We have been fortunate to find a church we really like, but building real relationships takes time, which is hard because when you first get here is when you need the most support.  Anyways, after we ate and got the kids to bed, I stood at the kitchen sink crying, realizing how tired and life-weary I am.  And because I have an amazing Father who loves me more than I can imagine, Matthew 11:28 was placed on my heart "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest".  It is outrageously comforting to know that even though we feel alone and tired and beaten down by life, our Lord is there just waiting for us to turn to him with open arms.  I take comfort in knowing he is in control and he will carry me to tomorrow.

So like I said, it was a good day.

And now some pictures of the last few weeks and our big 15 month old girls, playing on the couch this afternoon :)

A day trip to a big giant French store called Cora...

Absinthe, the alcohol with hallucinogenic properties is apparently NOT illegal here...French people like the green fairy....

Susan playing Peek-a-boo

Penelope playing Peek-a-boo

I seriously love how much they already love playing dress up with my clothes...warms a mommy's heart


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I was just thinking today about how excited I am for Geoff to finally be done with school and that we might possibly be moving this summer to wherever he gets a job, and then I remembered how the first six months in a new place feels. So unfamiliar and that sad desperate feeling of not having anyone as a true friend. I didn't feel so excited to move away then. Don't feel bad about being homesick. It is an adventure and a really cool place to be, but it can be hard and exhausting at the same time. The beginning is always hard, but you will make friends, learn some German, and eventually it will begin to feel a little more like home. Hang in there and know that you have a big family that loves you!

  2. Derest Tara,
    Thank you for being so transparent in your blog. It helps those of us keep our own struggles in perspective and helps us to know how to interceed for you. And I love the pictures!!!!
    Love you,
    Denise and Ken